War of Bitter Blood

It was no secret that relations would be strained at best between Bael Turath and Deoirinth. The lands of Deoirinth were seized in the violent conquest of Gruntak at a time Bael Turath was already committed to an ogoing war protecting its northern border. Desperate to protect its interest to the north Bael Turath gave up much of its western lands in order to buy time to focus on the larger threat to its north.

Decades later the peace still held except for the occasional skirmish. Envoys were rare, but not unwelcome by either side. Three years past, deep within Venkar Keep the peace came to a horrible end. An Bael Turath amabassador arrived under the pretense of trade. Welcomed with feast and drink it was hoped that this meeting would secure the trade agreements for rebuilding Nythtalin. A long time hope of Deoirinth access to rebuilding this city would grant Deoirinth a major sea port in exchange for helping fund Bael Turath’s war effort.

Shadows of the truth of what really happened within the keep are all that are known. Those mostly widely spoken say that the ambassador was found deep within the sealed portions of the keeps catacombs when the guards came running to the sounds of fighting. When they arrived they found the Bael Turath Ambassador dead. His attacker could not be found, though the dagger in the Ambassasor’s shoulder was clearly that of Lyson’s, the Duke’s son. Duke Hylin was a cauldron of rage, not only had his son been attacked within his own keep, but somehow spirited away. The Bael Turath envoy was ordered to produce his son by dawn or face war. The envoy left within the hour decrying the farce of trade as nothing more than a sham to renew the war.

For three years the war has ravaged the borders of both lands. For three years Venkar Keep has been draped in funeral garb for its missing sons and daughters. For three years the people of Deoirinth have known only the hardship of war in a land crumbling around them.

War of Bitter Blood

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