Duke Hylin


Great great-grandson of Chaunce Hylin, Duke Jareith Hylin is the fourth ruler to take the throne of Deoirinth at Venkar Keep. Jareith took the throne at a young age of 17. His parent’s lives were ended abruptly by a group of Vecna cultist while they were at the summer keep Glasted. The attack was in retaliation to the then Duke’s relentless crusade to remove all traces of Vecna’s flock from Deoirinth. Jareith escaped the fate of his family due serving his tenure within the Deoirinth Army.

Against all orders, Jareith led his regiment of young recruits on an immediate counter attack. Jareith’s forces splintered the Vecna forces by driving through the enemy lines and destroying the leadership. Of the three hundred young soldiers that left under his command only forty-three returned home. Those that did were quickly formed into the Duke’s honor guard, including Brigadier Walston and Field Marshal Badon.

Through the following years Jareith’s rule came to mirror that of his father’s. A land ruled firmly by its law, but one not without mercy. With little surprise and great popular support there is still a burning hatred for Vecna and his children within most of Deoirinth.

The Duke sired one son, Lyson who many said was a mirror Jareith’s younger days. His wife passed a few years after giving birth. Having never fully recovered from the child birth, the outbreak of summer fever was more than her body could endure.

Duke Hylin

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