Raven's Tears


Father, Son, and in the hole he goes.

After a short respite to gather their wits and the head of the Cambion commander, the party pushed forward to explore the one remaining building. Prepared for combat the party kicked in the door to find three casters on the far side of an alchemy lab. The party charged in only to be met by a humanoid creature of stone placed near the door. The opening volley of spells blasted into the clustered up party knocking many of their feet.

After the arcane barrage a swarm of gnomes rose up from their hiding spots and tossed handfuls of reagents at the party to mixed effect. The party quickly moved about to remove the obvious threats. A brilliant display of swirling lights appeared to vaporize a handful of the gnomes. The casters quickly fell before the party’s concentrated efforts. Even the gnomes that reappeared after there apparent demise offered up little threat. One of the Tiefling casters in near final dying act blasted the large barrel behind the party disrupting the arcane warding on it. Moving to investigate the party found the the barrel was quickly frosting over as the warding had protected the barrel from cold. The barrel began to ice over and crack in many places dripping out a thick blue gel. In its final seconds the outside shell of the barrel broke away releasing a slime that quickly moved towards the party and away from the iced over barrel. The party having eliminated the other threats quickly focused on the slime, but not before noticing that the block of ice around the barrels remnants was melting at a rapid pace. Working fast the party finished of the slime in time to see the barrel explode taking out most of the walls in its area.

Knowing the keep was mostly vacated the party took their time and set about burning the fort to the ground. Much to their frustrations the siege pieces they were sent after seemed to have been warded against fire. Not losing hope the party returned to the lab to gather barrels and other components from the alchemy lab. While moving one barrel, Ash heard some faint noises from the drain in the back of the room. Moving closer he could see the blood of the casters and gnomes had slowly run to the drain and had begun dripping down to the ground. With a light cantrip from Alek the party watched as they dropped a light down the drain. The coin fell down the showing an old stonework tunnel leading fifty feet down. Upon the stone landing the party saw the outlined form of four humanoids who had been feasting on the dripping remains. Having seen the light though the humanoids quickly fled.

Deciding to leave the unknown for another day, the party hastily returned to setting fires and leaving. Using the various reagents the party managed to get the siege pieces and buildings to burn. Returning to camp the party met with Brigadier Walston and handed over the encoded messages and maps they had gathered. Surprised by their claim, Walston gave the beleaguered party the next day off to recuperate. As they made their way to their tents the party noticed the large plumes of multicolored smoke raising on the horizon.

Not content to take the day off, the party set out in the morning to return to the keep. As they approached they found no sign of the Bael Turath forces, and as they got closer they discovered why as the stench of from the fort became obvious. Girding themselves as best they could the party returned to the burned out remains of the lab. After an extensive issue of solving how to get down the hole the party managed to rig up a method using the iron piping from the lab. Tossing light down, the party lowered Ash down the hole. As he reached the bottom Ash quickly realized that he didn’t have enough slack in the rope to move. At the same time, the sunrod the party had tossed on the ground began to slide on the floor out of the room. Alek quickly enchanted another light source and tossed it down as Ash panicked and quickly climbed back up with Morgran and Rhogar’s aid.

Reconsidering their methods the party opted to send two down at a time. After some close calls the party made it down with only a few worse for the trip. Moving forward the party found glowing red runes decorating parts of the floor. As they moved into further into the old stone-worked room they found them beset by a range of undead and damaged flesh golem. Though attempts to nullify the runes were made the party managed to trigger the traps three times during the fight as they regrouped. Burst of necrotic energy both damaged those triggering it and sapping their resolve. Having overcome the initial rush of undead the party stepped back towards their path out and debated the value of spending their day off actually relaxing.



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