Raven's Tears


Brigadier Walston Journal: Day 37

The lines hold for now, but our forces are weakening.

The northern most sections are particularly hard hit. Bombardment from fresh siege has taken its toll and forced us to give up what ground we had retaken. Until we take back the bridge, or if need be destroy it, Bael Turath forces will continue to resupply their foothold on this side of the Krin.

They have already completed a fresh fortification on the bluff an hours ride south of the bridge. Scouts report that this fort spews forth the fresh siege works they are using to hammer our lines. Sacking this fort would cost us too much I fear. The land is easily defensible, and if forced can be supplied by the river it backs into. I fear they placed it somewhat far from the front in hopes of not only sheltering their shops, but also to bait us into overextending ourselves.

Regardless the loss, an effort to at least slow their production must be made. A team of sappers was sent a week past to dig what I feared would become their graves. They did lose a pair to an early cave-in but what remained of that group returned saying the tunnel had been completed. Granted the next day the lines were routed and we had to leave the tunnels unused. The crew was wise enough to have hidden the entrance at least. From the words of the scouts the Bael Turath have not disturbed the concealed entrance. I fear it is only a matter of time before they do if we do not act soon.

Along with Denc I have selected a team that has worked well in the past to make the strike. I regret sending so few, but should I send an entire division into the tunnels they would be cut off as soon as the alarm was raised. I hope instead that this group might slip in unnoticed. I’ll send a skirmish line in ahead of them to the north in hopes of drawing their eyes away from the fort. The cost will be high, but we cannot afford to let this opportunity go to waste.

I’ll inform the Lieutenant tomorrow of team’s task until then, I’ll see if my conscience will let me rest.



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