Raven's Tears

35 Feet of Rope


Assessed of the situation by Brigadier Walston the party agreed to the assault plans. Given the rest of the day off most of the party saught solace in their normal routines. Upon the dawn the party marched forward towards the hidden tunnels beneath the keep. Upon arriving they left the ranger to guard the tunnel while they moved into the fort.

With the utmost stealth the valiant dwarf could muster the party burst up through the weakened tunnel ceiling into the livery. By some miracle the party made its way inside without alerting the one sleeping member of the Bael Turath forces. With care Ash crept forward and prepared to teleport the sleeping elf back to the party. In a flash of light the sleeping elf was transported from her bed among the stacks of hay into the waiting hands of the party. The party quickly realized that the smiting travel through space had managed to kill the lone guard.

Daring to move outside the party quickly noted the four sentinels upon the fort walls. Obviously the sentinels were not very concerned with the interior of the keep and made no notice of the party initially. The party snuck across the courtyard stopping to listen at the doors of what they would later discover to be the barracks. Hearing voices inside they moved on to a larger two story building. Becoming more fearful of discovery the Bard instructed Alek and Ash to help Morgran’s move with a bit more stealth than his norm. Upon approaching the door into the larger building the party managed to gain the attention of the western sentinel. As he turned and opened his mouth to raise the alarm, Alek blasted him with a phantasmal bolt that sent his dead body plummeting over the wall.

Moving to the door the party heard the sounds of smiths inside and quickly determined that this was the siegeworks they had been sent to destroy. With a degree of stealth surprising even themselves most of the party made it inside before one of the Duegar enchanters noticed Rhogar. With some still hidden Morgran and others moved forward to attempt to buy some time for the party to get into better position. Morgran’s story was challenged by the master smith and tensions quickly rose until combat broke out.

Alek and Rhogar made their way upstairs to dispatch the duegar casters. Ash swore oaths of death upon the first caster just moments before Rhogar’s mighty axe knocked the duegar downstairs. The plummet left the duegar dazed, and his ritual interrupted. The master smith outraged at the loss of components blindly charged after Rhogar, cursing Morgan’s mother to rot in sandstone for the eons to come. Undaunted Morgan was quickly swarmed by a mass of dwarfs as he tried to find a way to get to the master smith. Dwarven bolters began to belt the party until Alek’s arcane barraged laid low many on the field. The bard dashed quickly about the field trying to keep his party standing from the onslaught of hammers and bolts.

In time the party managed to overcome the dwarves and to dismantle the siege engines they had assembled and enchanted. Gathering up what enchanting supplies were left the party prepared to leave the siege shop with the intent to burn the place down before leaving. With a new found courage the party arrived back at the frost door of the barracks. They burst inside and slaughtered the ill prepared solidiers still inside, except for the one that broke away in the chaos and ran upstairs. Leaving the downstairs rooms unexplored the party quickly gave chase upstairs. Without rest the party stumbled upon a trio of warforge and a pack of iron defender hounds that sought to defend the rooftop. The party found themselves quickly losing advantage until a blast of arcane energy disabled many of the constructs. From the corner of his eye, the bard noted that many humans from down stairs had crept up behind the party, but upon seeing the state of the battle retreated downstairs. Seeing his inevitable defeat the warforged leader attempted to flee the battle. Jumping down and running for the front gate, the leader made it half way before being brought down by a final barrage of range attacks. The final two hounds stood by the fallen warforged guarding his remains. The party quickly dismantled the remaining opponents, but not before noticing a rush of humans riding off from the livery with saddle bags full.

The party’s relief quickly faltered as the guards at the front gate began firing upon the party. The party in a moment of panic split up. Many fled the rooftop while Morgran went to inspect the interior of the rooftop building. Upon kicking open the door, Morgran discovered a Cambion Hellblade and duegar discussing some transaction. Seeing that the party had abandoned him, he quickly followed the party back into the livery to make their escape.

Having had a moment to rest the party’s courage returned. With hopes of using Morgran as bait, the party sent him out to draw the fire of the archers so that they could safely fire back. Worried only about the archer’s on the walls the party was shocked at the barrage of arrows that came from the rooftop they had just vacated. Turning quickly they saw the commander, atop the viewing tower, bow in hand. Seeing the obvious danger he posed the party quickly changed tactics and made a rush back to the rooftop. Carefully working their way around the rooftop, Ash broke off to investigate the building while the party moved towards the tower. Halfway up the tower the party realized commander had moved as again arrows began to fill up Morgran’s backside. Ash also found the commander’s companion as an imp drove his poisoned barb into his back as Ash attempted to deal with the Duegar inside.

The combat quickly turned against the commander as curses and inflections quickly tore through his defenses. Rhogar’s axe laid telling blow after blow onto him until the commander having enough attempted to flee. The party quickly split up to cover all of the possible exits below. Ash managed to use the fifteen feet of rope incredibly placed by the tactical genius of a bard the party was blessed to be led by, to cut off the commander’s escape and finish the fight.

The party quickly returned upstairs to find the duegar steps outside the building with a wound on his back covered in the black ichor of an imp’s poison. Taking a moment to catch their breath the party turned to see the two remaining sentinels fleeing out the front gate. The party gathered up what they could from the commander’s room and took time to sort out their next step….



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